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Pipe & Fittings

Quality Industrial Plastics provides chemical process industrial equipment and acid waste- systems for municipalities, pulp and paper mills & the chemical processing industries. We have two main mechanical specialty services: corrosion resistant Fiberglass Tanks and Pipe Supports & Rotational Molded Tanks and Vessels, which we sell in coordination with our thermoplastic, SS Lined & CS lined pipe, valves, and specialty fittings.

We offer mechanical corrosion solutions, like our grating solutions, not only in plastic but metallic as well. QIP also offers exotics such as Alloy 200/400 and Titanium pipe and fittings as well as large CS & SS Ball and Knife Gates valves.

We do whatever it takes to make it happen at your facility. You have a line to get back in service. We work with a sense of immediacy and urgency, especially if we know we are part of the team that makes sure you have the right product(s) during that next outage or emergency deadline. We believe in humbly treating our clients with the respect they deserve.

QIP offers consignment not only on fiberglass structural shapes but lined pipe, valves and fittings as well. If we don’t have it “in stock”, we will work to locate the specialty product or equipment you are looking for quickly and with a sense of urgency. Through our loyal network of both coastal and national manufacturers, we offer a broad spectrum of industrial supplies, design, and engineering services.

We stock a good number of lined valves and fittings. Some of these fittings are commodities, however, we not only “sell” you the product. We can provide you next day and emergency/hot shot deliveries. We’ll quote from our inventory or consult one or more of the manufacturers we represent in order to fulfill your piping needs.

Pipe and fittings are available lined with a variety of fluoropolymers. Whether you need a system with Polypropylene, PVDF Kynar®, EFTE Tefzel®, PFA Teflon®, or PTFE Teflon® lining, QIP will provide it for you.

Give us a call today to discuss transforming your isometric drawing(s) into a
timely, ready to install thermoplastic lined steel solution.

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